India-Before the tickets of TRAIN ( 背包客版本車廂 不適用豪華車廂 例如大吉嶺的 toy train,可見電影「大吉嶺有限公司」)

1. Buy the tickets in the tourist office window if possible.

Few station offer this kind of service, it depends.

2. Find out the proper class.
If you are looking after a trip over 18 hours, you better choice sleeper class. There are class like: SL/2AC/3AC The number means that you have to share a deck with 2 or 3 people. The SL class means you have to share the deck with 3 people. AC means airconditioner.

In most of the case, the seat is exactly match the description on the ticket. Fortunately, in order to prevent the fraud, you name would be on the ticket and on the passenger’s list. However, please try to be advace the departure time in the station for following reasons:
A. some bustard will tell you the train delay 7 hours over a big disaster and try to make you to another place to let you miss the train.
B. The seat might change occasionally, and there will be a chart on the train side, for foreigner, we can check our name on the list and find out the new seat for us.

4. TRAIN manner

When it comes to sleep, If you are below, try to response if the upper bed ask you to turn the lights or fan off.

When it comes to the eating time. Use the little table by the window by turns. You can ask if they just finish the meal, and if possible, share some to the local people, that would be helpful to color the trip and more safety.

When you finish, throw the remain out of the window, sometimes it would be hard for us, however, the trash can is by the toilet in the end of the carriage.

5.      Be careful of your personal luggage. If you have to leave them for a while, you can ask local people for notice, if possible, put it to the upper bed, and it’s hard to fetch, finally, you can buy the lock and the chain that you can see everywhere in the platform of station.

6.      HOW do I know when to GET OFF?
YES, most of the stop would just silently pass away.
First, You have to keeping notice of the arriving time.
Second, you can just ask directly, and that’s why I told you to sharing the food, haha.

Some food for dinner or lunch. If don’t there are some venders by the aisle, they sell form masala tea which called [char] and [
] in Chinese,5 rupee for each cup, to the vegetable meal, which costs 70~80 rupee.
Bring some drinking water as usual in the India.
Prepare some material for the use of pillow. The book LONELY PLANET sometimes helpful.


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